London Rental Property News for January 2008

New sport and education centre for W2

A new sports centre and educational hub have been granted financial backing and will soon be changing the face of an already popular London area.

Read Article ... Published on 31st January, 2008

Millennium Quarter taking shape

A new residential neighbourhood a stone's throw from Canary Wharf could soon be a sought-after location for rental property-seekers in the capital.

Read Article ... Published on 29th January, 2008

'High rates mean more renters'

High interest rates could make buy-to-let house purchases less profitable and reduce rental returns for landlords, but the demand for rental property is likely to keep growing, according to

Read Article ... Published on 29th January, 2008

Clapham leisure and housing plans approved

A new leisure centre, library, a GP's surgery and a high proportion of affordable housing have all been promised as part of a new regeneration project in south London.

Read Article ... Published on 29th January, 2008

Teddington station readies for CPZ

The London suburb of Teddington, in the borough of Richmond, could see its rental property market boosted as London commuters flock to the area, drawn by an improved transport policy.

Read Article ... Published on 28th January, 2008

Expansive luxury in heady Hampstead

A ravishing self-build housing plan on North London's most expensive street looks to have reinforced Hampstead's reputation as one of the capital's leading top-end neighbourhoods for property rental and purchase.

Read Article ... Published on 28th January, 2008

Rics: property starts stagnating

Property experts have claimed that the UK is in the grips of a house-building slowdown, prompting concerns that demand is plummeting as people put off home purchases and opt to rent instead.

Read Article ... Published on 25th January, 2008

Cooper announces rental property review

Housing minister Yvette Cooper has said that sharp increases in buy-to-let buying and rental property-seekers have made the rented sector due for a review.

Read Article ... Published on 24th January, 2008

Rental property focus for BPF conference

Rental property in crowded areas like London will be the topic of the day when the The British Property Federation (BPF) holds its annual residential conference on February 5th.

Read Article ... Published on 24th January, 2008

Mill End becoming safer commuter zone

Many people opt for outlying suburban areas of London where they can rent property at reasonable rate and commute easily into the capital, with a Hertfordshire neighbourhood now proving its appeal as a safe residential area.

Read Article ... Published on 24th January, 2008

Commercial property panic selling is 'unjustified'

Panic sales in commercial property are unjustified, as long-term investors can reasonably expect their fortunes to turn in due course, it was claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 23rd January, 2008

Homebuilding targets 'at risk'

New affordable homebuilding projects are falling behind schedule, as the construction industry struggles to adapt to the credit crunch.

Read Article ... Published on 23rd January, 2008

Camden proposes bike station network

The borough of Camden could become an attractive location for rental property-seekers, as the north-central zone looks to improve its environmental credentials and facilitate more cycling.

Read Article ... Published on 22nd January, 2008

London property bucks downward trend

Property prices are dipping across the UK, bringing more and more houses back into the "affordability zone" for first-time buyers, but London property is bucking the trend, it has been claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 22nd January, 2008

Tenancy Deposit Scheme 'growing fast'

Rental property seekers in London and across the UK will be encouraged by news of a rise in deposit protection, thanks to a government scheme that is obliging registered landlords to guarantee swift repayment of tenants' money.

Read Article ... Published on 22nd January, 2008

Richmond school rebuild 'gets go-ahead'

Leafy south-west London suburb Richmond could see its appeal to rental property seekers increase, as one of the area's secondary schools was given the green light for a complete rebuild, according to the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Read Article ... Published on 21st January, 2008

New line 'will make Forest Hill boom-spot'

A south-east London suburb could become a rental property boom-spot, as housing experts predict strong knock-on effects from improved transport links that will help the area feel more like part of the capital.

Read Article ... Published on 21st January, 2008

Shard of Glass 'in doubt'

A stake-holding drama has jeopardised a skyscraper project just south of the river, but the project still looks set to create jobs and boost the surrounding area.

Read Article ... Published on 21st January, 2008

Bargain house-buying 'could suffer as inflation bites'

Inflation is 'in the economy' and will soon see interest rates rise to a higher rate than at present, making it necessary to factor in a rise in repayments for people taking advantage of current lower property prices, according to

Read Article ... Published on 18th January, 2008

Hackney 'will shine in 2008'

The east London borough of Hackney has been tipped as one of the best housing performers of 2008.

Read Article ... Published on 18th January, 2008

Founder's Place regeneration plans seek bidder

Bidders are being sought for an exciting new housing development only a stone's throw from central London.

Read Article ... Published on 18th January, 2008

Croydon Gateway regeneration 'will be decided by summer'

The planning inspectorate has affirmed that a decision will be made by the summer on planning permission for one of south London's most hotly-anticipated regeneration project.

Read Article ... Published on 18th January, 2008

2007 housing price growth sinks to 2%

A new review of housing prices revealed that total price growth for 2007 was only two per cent, making signs of a slowdown ever clearer and driving more and more people toward rental property.

Read Article ... Published on 18th January, 2008

Ken re-installs wind turbines

Wind turbines are to be reinstated on the London Development Agency's rooftop, as mayor of London Ken Livingstone seeks to promote green energy and lead by example.

Read Article ... Published on 18th January, 2008

Landlords 'should keep sight of tax deadline'

Landlords and others with "complicated tax affairs" should ensure that everything is done to meet this year's deadline for Self Assessment tax returns, Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs (HMRC) said today.

Read Article ... Published on 17th January, 2008

'Olympics will pay off for east London'

Much-needed regeneration of east London will be enabled by hosting the Olympics, making any short-term funding issues less important in the long term, according to property experts.

Read Article ... Published on 17th January, 2008

London City Airport expansion 'will boost SE London'

The prospective expansion of London City Airport will only bring positives to the surrounding areas of south-east London, it has been claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 17th January, 2008

Organised co-buying 'can be good option'

The difficulties of paying a mortgage in London and elsewhere are making it more and more attractive for young property-seekers to buy together, it was claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 15th January, 2008

Lenders retreat from 100% LTV mortgages

More and more mortgage lenders are tightening their lending criteria and cutting their loan to value (LTV) ratios in great number, according to

Read Article ... Published on 15th January, 2008

Royal Quay regeneration 'in full flow'

A south-east London community is being regenerated, in a bid to preserve its rich history and make it into a sustainable area well adapted to the needs and living trends of modern life in the capital.

Read Article ... Published on 15th January, 2008

Landlords consider rental 'long-term investment'

For most landlords renting out accommodation is not a full time profession, but the majority consider it an important investment and one they will view with a long-term perspective, according to Alliance & Leicester.

Read Article ... Published on 14th January, 2008

Southwark project backed by govt

The Walworth area of south London could see a setback in regeneration funds, but projects in the area have received strong backing from the top of government.

Read Article ... Published on 14th January, 2008

East London regeneration 'is goal of 2012'

Improvements in job opportunities, living environment and sporting facilities for the east of London are the true goal of the Olympics in 2012, the mayor of London has claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 14th January, 2008

Cooper to announce housing plans

Housing minister Yvette Cooper is set to address the housing industry at the end of January, with key decisions that will affect both rental and sale property likely to be unveiled.

Read Article ... Published on 11th January, 2008

Fitrovia 'strikes work-life balance'

According to the Times Online, the central London area of Fitzrovia defies the London trend and is both commercial and residential – making it a great place to rent or buy a home.

Read Article ... Published on 11th January, 2008

Leicester Square to receive £18.5m revamp

Tourism and film industry hub Leicester Square is the subject of ambitious refurbishment plans, which look likely to boost the appeal of renting or buying in the surrounding area.

Read Article ... Published on 11th January, 2008

EPC benefits 'not yet felt'

The roll-out of Home Improvement Packs (Hips) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) has not yet had a dramatic effect on the value of homes, construction experts have claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 10th January, 2008

Landlords given tax incentive for insulation

Residential landlords have been urged to increase the insulation of rental property – and receive the financial benefits in the tax cuts provided by a new scheme.

Read Article ... Published on 10th January, 2008

NLA: scrap tenancy renewal fees

Landlords managing rental properties themselves should not have to pay tenancy renewal fees to letting agents, it has been claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 10th January, 2008

High energy prices 'hit London property hardest'

Energy prices are primed for a series of increases in 2008, with people in the capital set to suffer the most when bills come in – making them more likely to keep other costs down by opting for rental property.

Read Article ... Published on 9th January, 2008

Havering tops London school achievers list

Rental property-seekers pondering where to set up home in London could find many reasons for choosing Havering – but those with children may now be even more inclined to the area.

Read Article ... Published on 9th January, 2008

Landlords e-learning programme launched

Landlords have been given a chance to improve their knowledge of the rental sector and enhance the service they provide by a new e-learning programme.

Read Article ... Published on 9th January, 2008

Drawdown mortgage 'can ease burden'

Equity release schemes can be very useful to homeowners looking to boost disposable income and compensate for the financial burden of buying a house.

Read Article ... Published on 8th January, 2008

Savills: prime south-west London property resilient

Prime property is south-west London is reacting strongly to the credit crunch, with the drop-off in demand not as high as feared, it was claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 8th January, 2008

UK rental market 'booming'

A ten per cent rise in UK rental yields was recorded over the past year, marking the continued strength of rental property in attracting demand.

Read Article ... Published on 8th January, 2008

Rapid population inflow to London and south-east

New research has revealed that London and the surrounding areas have welcomed more new residents than any other UK regions over the past decade – putting a high demand on rental property.

Read Article ... Published on 7th January, 2008

Prime property 'surviving credit crunch'

Prime property in London rebounded at the end of 2007, allowing property sales and rental accommodation to return to the early year boom in value, according to the Telegraph.

Read Article ... Published on 7th January, 2008

Take-up improving for deposit scheme

With the 2008 outlook for property purchase and mortgage lending looking bleak, good news has emerged for those seeking rental property in London and elsewhere.

Read Article ... Published on 7th January, 2008

Unconventional buy-to-let properties 'rule out lenders'

Mortgages for unconventional properties are more difficult to obtain, especially in buy-to-let scenarios which would only target specific tenants, property specialists have claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 4th January, 2008

First time buyers 'can't be indexed to average price'

Pessimistic first-time-buyer projections from Halifax have been questioned by property specialists, but prospects for buying, especially in areas like London, were still claimed to be highly problematic.

Read Article ... Published on 4th January, 2008

New Cross Gate tenants vote for council ownership

Property tenants in the south-east London neighbourhood of New Cross Gate have voted to keep their homes in the hands of the local council, hoping to secure improvements in their housing conditions.

Read Article ... Published on 4th January, 2008

East London, Thames Gateway 'property hotspots'

Overly pessimistic forecasts of the UK property market are masking some of London's prime hotspots, one leading property investment firm has said.

Read Article ... Published on 3rd January, 2008

Buy-to-let 'will expand' in 2008

The UK buy-to-let market is set to enjoy strong growth during the year ahead, one specialist lender has stated.

Read Article ... Published on 3rd January, 2008

Rich property buyers 'keeping London attractive'

Foreign property investors are propping up London's housing market by fuelling constant demand for luxury estates, it has been suggested.

Read Article ... Published on 3rd January, 2008

Societies 'competing with banks' on cheap mortgages

Building societies are beginning to offer stiff competition for banks in the battle to offer the cheapest mortgages, according to research group Defaqto.

Read Article ... Published on 2nd January, 2008

Rental market 'key to property sector'

The rental market is one of the key elements that will determine how prices change in the UK property sector, it has been claimed.

Read Article ... Published on 2nd January, 2008

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