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Brixton is fast becoming one of the new trendiest places to live in London. Gone are the days of the 1981 riots, along with the area's dangerous image. Instead, Brixton has become a vibrant place to live that offers a mix of inhabitants, a variety of property types and a great shopping experience. It is becoming a favourite haunt of artists and bohemians, offering a creative, friendly and colourful environment.  

Like the majority of areas in London, Brixton has a bit of a checkered past, which has unfortunately marred some people's perceptions of what is a bustling borough. It has a great mix of different generations, some of whom have lived in the area for years, whilst others have made the move on the back of the new, chic image the borough is projecting. It has become an incredibly popular place for families and young professionals, due largely to its proximity to the centre of London and the very reasonable living costs.

A very different place     

Brixton used to have a very different image and a very bad reputation. But the area no longer resembles that which was represented in The Clash's 'The Guns of Brixton'. Instead it is largely populated by middle-class professionals, has a thriving high street and a range of eateries.

So many people have, and are still being, attracted to the area for the low cost of housing, making it an ideal place to live for those working in the city. It has become known as the place to be for those who love good and interesting food, as well as the vintage shoppers. It is fast becoming known as the cultural epicentre of an already thriving city and it can only get better.

With Brixton becoming so popular, it's recommended that once you have found a place to rent that you like, you don't hang around. Property prices are incredibly reasonable and are highly sought after. So if you want to get a bargain, get in there quick.

What's all the fuss about?

You may have heard that other areas in London are 'up-and-coming', but the difference is that Brixton truly is. When you arrive in the area you won't find a quiet, sleepy suburban feel. When you're in Brixton, you know you are in city. But those that live in the area are protective of its industrial surroundings, which are brightened up by a bustling mix of shops, cafes and pubs. It is the place to be if you love to live in a busy, creative and cultural area.

Over recent years, the high street has come alive and is usually packed with a variety of shoppers to match the wide range of shops available. If you like your normal high street shopping experience, you can still get it. There are many of your usual shops to be found, saving you the trouble of heading further into the city. However, if you prefer a more varied shopping experience and like to dig for something special, Brixton Market is the place for you.

Brixton Market is one of the most authentic in the city, harking back to years gone by in which sellers would shout out their wares and you could find almost anything within a short distance. It is also one of the most underrated shopping experiences in London. You are almost guaranteed to find a bargain, along with many things you didn't know you needed. Whilst the majority of what's on sale is low cost, more often than not it will be of high quality.

As well as the shops, Brixton offers a large and varied range of food and drink establishments. Due to the varied culture, you will find that it's quite easy to find authentic food from a number of different backgrounds. The international cuisine is giving the borough a reputation among foodies, and it is definitely well deserved.

Getting around

As with most areas that are so close to the centre of London, Brixton has a good range of transport options. Not only is it a great location to be if you are commuting - it has regular buses and the Tube - it is also only four stops away from Victoria Station. This means that it is easy enough to plan a family day out to other areas of the south-east, without having to switch to a number of different transport options.

Family Friendly

With so many families moving to the area, Brixton has developed a range of children-friendly activities and day outs. One of the best places to take children of different ages is the Brixton Recreation Centre. Whilst you may think that this doesn't sound like the most family-orientated day out, you would be wrong. The rec centre offers a wide range of activities for most ages, including a soft play area that is open seven days a week. Not only does it have good activities but it is also incredibly cheap - the play area only costs a few pounds and doesn't have a time limit.

With such easy transportation, every conceivable activity is open to those with children. As well as parks and cinemas in the area, you can also take your family to any number of activities in London with very little trouble.


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