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East Sheen is also known as just Sheen by those who live there. It is a rather rich area of London, being located in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

It has become a highly sought after area for families hoping to get their children into a good school. With fantastic Ofsted reports across the area's primary school, families are starting to flock to the neighbourhood.

This has made it one of the most desirable postcodes in London, meaning many of the property prices have seen an increase. It is expected that this rise in housing costs will continue, so if you find a place within your budget in East Sheen, snap it up quickly.


East Sheen has been described by residents as a place where everyone knows everyone and each person helps to look out for the neighbourhood's children. In that regard it has a small town charm that has made it incredibly popular with families.

However, beyond this simple aspect of the area is the fact that it has a number of schools that have received 'Outstanding' ratings in Ofsted inspections. In fact, it seems that the area has more excellent schools than most other places within Greater London.

Some of the most sought after primary schools include Marshgate, East Sheen and Sheen Mount. These primary schools, and other great ones in East Sheen, all have reasonably small catchment areas; resulting in high competition for houses on certain streets.


As a result of this high competition, houses and other residential properties are fought over by potential residents. Prices tend to be higher than the average cost of housing in Greater London, with family homes often being priced at between £700,000 and £1.2 million.

With the area being so highly sought after, there are fewer properties for rent than in other areas of the city, driving competition even further. However, those properties that do come up for rent also have a pretty steep price tag.

The houses in East Sheen are incredibly varied, with properties from the Victorian and Edwardian eras mixing with homes built in the 1920s and 1930s as well as some new builds. A lot of the oldest properties have undergone extensions, so it is unlikely that you'll find homes with three bedrooms or more in their original condition.

Some of the most coveted properties can be found close to Richmond Park, with prices at or above around £1,000 per square foot. The largest houses in the area sell for millions, showing just how affluent a suburb East Sheen is.


Another big selling point of East Sheen is the fact that is only a 30-minute commute to Waterloo. This makes it the ideal location for those that want all the benefits of living in a close-knit community without giving up their prime city location. 

East Sheen is served by several bus routes as well as Mortlake railway station, making it quick and easy to get elsewhere in the city, allowing you to make the most of all the amenities of other areas.


Fitting in with the rich feel of the houses, East Sheen also has a long parade of shops, providing something for everyone. The stores run along Upper Richmond Road down to Mortlake station via Sheen Lane. 

Here you'll find a range of chain stores, independents, a Waitrose, cafes and high-end restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Many of the cafes and restaurants are well-known for their excellent food, while several antique shops are havens for those looking for impeccable furniture.

Many of the shops and eateries are child-friendly in line with the majority of the local customer's needs. You'll find places like Babycakes, which is a child-friendly, chic coffee house that also sells lifestyle goods. Stores like this make it easy to enjoy a family day out without having to venture too far from home. 

Central to East Sheen is an area that is referred to as the Triangle, which houses an old milestone and a war memorial. 

You'll also benefit from a number of green spaces, including Richmond Park, Palewell Common and East Sheen Common. Once again, these are family-friendly areas that supply play parks for children and access to amenities like tennis courts and polo fields.

With so much available in East Sheen and the great atmosphere that you'll find there, you'll be hard-pressed to find something negative to say about the area. Many people don't realise how lovely it is until they visit, and when they do they desperately want to move.

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