London Borough of Hillingdon

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In General:
The London boroughs are administrative centres responsible for collecting local taxes (Council Tax and Business Rates) and then spending the funds received on local services. They are run by Borough Councils who are elected by borough residents on a four year cycle. The totals that they spend will depend on the rates of tax that they levy plus funds allocated from central government and other sources.

While many of the services (schools, roads, planning, rubbish collection and social services) are standard, levels of provision will vary according to the overall political will as expressed by the voters.

Your tax liability (as a resident) will be based on the council tax band of your home. These bands are set by Valuation Officers and there is scope for appeal. The rate bands are then used to determine the amounts of tax levied. So, while the bands will remain largely constant the levels of tax can go up and, in theory, down.

You may claim discounts or exemptions based on your circumstances. For example, as the only adult in a property you can get a 25% reduction on your bill. Other reductions are available for qualifying second adults and Council Tax Benefit claimants.

There is more information available at the HM Customs & Excise website.

London Borough of Hillingdon Council Tax

London Borough of Hillingdon
2020/2021 £1010 £1178 £1347 £1515 £1852 £2188 £2525 £3030
2019/2020 £973 £1136 £1298 £1460 £1785 £2109 £2434 £2920
2018/2019 £938 £1094 £1251 £1407 £1720 £2033 £2345 £2814
2017/2018 £929 £1083 £1238 £1393 £1702 £2012 £2322 £2786
2016/2017 £926 £1080 £1235 £1389 £1698 £2006 £2315 £2778

London Borough of Hillingdon Comments

Hillingdon, London's second largest borough is best known to most as the home of Heathrow, the world's busiest airport. Low flying aircraft and traffic jams in the roads and motorways surrounding the airport are all an unwelcome aspect of life under the flight path. Despite these obvious drawbacks, Hillingdon represents comfortable London suburbia before the open fields of the Home Counties take over.

Heathrow, and to the north, Hayes have an industrial edge with warehouses and factories lining the major roads and the Grand Union Canal. Uxbridge to the west provides the borough's retail and administrative focus whilst the village of Ickenham to the west offers a more rural atmosphere. Property moves upmarket as you head north to Ruislip and Eastcote with Northwood, bordering Hertfordshire, boasting the borough's most sought after location.


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