London Borough of Harrow

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London Borough of Harrow:

In General:
The London boroughs are administrative centres responsible for collecting local taxes (Council Tax and Business Rates) and then spending the funds received on local services. They are run by Borough Councils who are elected by borough residents on a four year cycle. The totals that they spend will depend on the rates of tax that they levy plus funds allocated from central government and other sources.

While many of the services (schools, roads, planning, rubbish collection and social services) are standard, levels of provision will vary according to the overall political will as expressed by the voters.

Your tax liability (as a resident) will be based on the council tax band of your home. These bands are set by Valuation Officers and there is scope for appeal. The rate bands are then used to determine the amounts of tax levied. So, while the bands will remain largely constant the levels of tax can go up and, in theory, down.

You may claim discounts or exemptions based on your circumstances. For example, as the only adult in a property you can get a 25% reduction on your bill. Other reductions are available for qualifying second adults and Council Tax Benefit claimants.

There is more information available at the HM Customs & Excise website.

London Borough of Harrow Council Tax

London Borough of Harrow
2010/2011 £998 £1164 £1330 £1496 £1829 £2161 £2494 £2993
2009/2010 £998 £1164 £1330 £1496 £1829 £2161 £2494 £2993
2008/2009 £975 £1137 £1300 £1462 £1787 £2112 £2437 £2925
2007/2008 £949 £1107 £1265 £1423 £1740 £2056 £2372 £2847
2006/2007 £904 £1055 £1205 £1356 £1657 £1958 £2260 £2712

London Borough of Harrow Comments

Famous for its school and seat of learning for the titled and well off, Harrow is firmly entrenched in middle class suburbia. A popular home for commuters who journey daily to the safe, respectable employment of the city and the civil service, the borough forms London's north west border with the home counties and Hertfordshire. Anonymous mid war suburbia sprawls across the south part of the borough around Harrow itself and in Wealdstone, Harrow Weald and South Harrow. Heading north, Pinner and Stanmore provide larger detached properties and more green open space.

Property News for Borough

Harrow wins £31.3 million for regeneration

Harrow wins £31.3 million for regeneration

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has announced that Harrow Council has been awarded a total of £31.3 million to transform and regenerate the borough.

Read Article ... Published on 13th March, 2015

New green space proposed in Stanmore

New green space proposed in Stanmore

Harrow Borough Council has laid out plans for a new open space in Stanmore Marsh, and is bidding for funding to make it a reality. The potential project is competing for money from the mayor of London’s Big Green Fund, along with six other proposals from across the capital.

Read Article ... Published on 16th February, 2015

Harrow offers aid against the winter chill

Harrow offers aid against the winter chill

People living in the London Borough of Harrow are getting help and support aimed at helping them stay warm this winter. The Warm Homes, Healthy People programme is hoping to aid people in coping with the falling temperatures and is specifically targeting vulnerable residents.

Read Article ... Published on 19th December, 2014

Harrow investment aims to clean-up borough

Harrow investment aims to clean-up borough

Harrow is set for cleaner streets and better parks as a new investment is revealed. More than £500,000 is being ploughed in to improvements throughout the borough that aim to make it one of the cleanest and safest areas in London.

Read Article ... Published on 15th October, 2013

Homes in Harrow could get cheaper energy

Homes in Harrow could get cheaper energy

Harrow residents could benefit from savings on their energy costs this winter by taking part in the Big London Energy Switch. The scheme helps those that join to find a better tariff and as a result enjoy potentially massive savings on their fuel costs, a particularly important factor now that winter is on its way.

Read Article ... Published on 3rd September, 2013

Harrow children's centre commended by Ofsted

Harrow children's centre commended by Ofsted

The Hillview Children's Centre Hub set up by Harrow Council has received praise from Ofsted. The Hub provides children of the borough with education and health support.

Read Article ... Published on 1st August, 2013

Thousands of new school places to be made available in Harrow

Thousands of new school places to be made available in Harrow

Almost 3,000 new school places will be available in Harrow by 2015 now that the council has secured the amount of funding needed. The 2,836 places will be spread across 15 schools throughout the borough and will be paid for by the Department for Education.

Read Article ... Published on 22nd July, 2013

Harrow Council rolls out new computers in all its public libraries

Harrow Council rolls out new computers in all its public libraries

Dozens of new computers have been installed in public libraries across the Greater London borough of Harrow.

Read Article ... Published on 15th April, 2013

Harrow council drives energy changes

Harrow council drives energy changes

Residents in the London borough of Harrow are being encouraged by the council to take part in a district-wide initiative called the Big Energy Switch, which has the potential to help consumers save up to £200 a year on their energy bills with the use of collective buying power.

Read Article ... Published on 3rd April, 2013

Shout Out UK gets Harrow attention

Shout Out UK gets Harrow attention

A campaign that aims to reinvigorate British interest in politics by having the subject taught as part of the standard national curriculum has received the support of the London borough of Harrow, with council leader Thaya Idaikkadar among those advocating the change.

Read Article ... Published on 22nd March, 2013


Borough of Harrow

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